Sami Zayn Brought Kevin Owens To Tears With An Impromptu Speech In Montreal

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03.25.17 13 Comments

We already know that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are, always and forever, eternal enemies and best friends for life. They’ve taken their feud all over the world and into every promotion they’ve ever competed in (more or less), and remain locked into a ceaseless “might as well put this match on Raw again” state to this very day.

On Friday night, the two native Quebecois wrestlers — who have literally worn their hearts on their sleeves for their province in WWE before — were the main event when the WWE Live Road To WrestleMania tour rolled into the Bell Centre in Montreal. The two arch-enemies locked up in a “Montreal Street Fight” and as you might expect, the crowd was molten.

In case you were in doubt that this was the most exceedingly Canadian match possible, here is a short clip of Sami attacking Owens with a hockey stick.

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