WWE’s Sami Zayn Wants To Shatter Stereotypes Of Muslims And Arabs In Popular Culture

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02.08.17 23 Comments

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Sami Zayn has been a darling of internet wrestling fans for a long time now. He’s continuing to gain popularity among wrestling fans in general with his work week in and week out on Raw, in between causing Mick Foley to lose his teeth. But anyone who knows anything Sami Zayn as the person behind the wrestler knows that he is a passionate, earnest person who just wants to do good in this world. And that goes beyond paying tribute to his fallen fellow countrymen.

Most everyone reading this is likely aware, but many wrestling fans might be surprised to learn that Zayn is a Muslim, of Syrian descent. He’s well aware that he doesn’t fit the perception most people have of either of those groups. But he’s doing his part to break those stereotypical preconception, as well as speaking out against the injustices those groups are facing.

When Donald Trump signed an executive order for an immigration ban a couple of weeks ago, Zayn took to Twitter to speak out. And it got wrestling fans talking.

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