Sasha Banks Had The World’s Dorkiest FaceTime With Bayley After Winning The WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks has had quite the week already, and it’s only Tuesday. On Sunday, she picked up a big tag team win on the Battleground pay-per-view with her surprise partner and BFF Bayley (even though Bayley’s main-roster WWE debut was a one-time thing … for now). Oh yeah, and on Monday night, she defeated Charlotte on Raw to capture the WWE Women’s Championship.

In the exclusive video you see above, Sasha got backstage after her emotional title win and (after some difficulty) had a FaceTime call with Bayley. It was a very fun and emotional moment for both women … and exceedingly dorky and awkward, just like you would expect and want these two awesome, nerdy friends to be. Bayley talked about how much she cried when Sasha won, while The Boss herself said the moment was so overwhelming she couldn’t even manage any tears.

And in another great backstage video, Sasha revealed she has another souvenir, to go along with her shiny new belt.

Yes, she snatched Charlotte bald and pulled out one of the former champ’s extensions during that fantastic title match. If this is truly the era of The Boss, I am fully prepared. All hail the legit queen.