WWE Officially Announced Its Return To Saudi Arabia, Featuring Two Big Guest Stars

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WWE’s return to the Great And Progressive Nation Of Saudi Arabia At The Behest Of Mohammad Bin Salman has been informally announced since late last year, but Jeddah’s next event has finally received an official announcement.

According to a blurb posted on WWE.com on Wednesday, the company will return to Saudi Arabia with an event on June 7. This is consistent with WWE pushing back the date from early May to early June, and deciding to skip Backlash entirely before simply rescheduling and re-naming it “WWE Stomping Grounds.”

Interestingly, the announcement also features a list of advertised talent, including Brock Lesnar fresh off the rumors of his retirement from MMA, and Bill Goldberg, who hasn’t competed since losing the Universal Championship to Lesnar back at WrestleMania 33 in 2017.

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