WWE Says Christian Is Retired. Christian Doesn’t Agree.

Christian still has at least a few more months worth of yellow body paint left over. 

One of the more, let’s say, interesting moments from last week’s Edge and Christian hosting extravaganza came when Jerry Lawler piped up during Raw to say Christian was now retired. Later in the show, Paul Heyman would also make reference to Christian’s chronic concussion issues. It was odd because Christian himself never mentioned anything about being retired, and usually a multi-time world champion at least gets the chance to give a little speech or something when they’re hanging up their boots. It almost seemed as if Christian was being put out to pasture against his will.

Well, it turns out that’s exactly what’s happening. Recently at a charity bingo event (yes, a charity bingo event) being attended by Christian and Jericho, Cap’n Charisma fan Alicia Fleming asked if he was indeed retired from the ring, and his answer was an unequivocal no. She then asked about Jerry Lawler saying he was retired on Raw, and Christian reportedly shot back that Lawler was wrong.

I have mixed feelings about this business. On the one hand, Christian is one of my favorite performers of all time, and if he thinks he can go, I’d like to see him get one more run, or at least a proper retirement match. The fact that both Edge and Christian may end up being retired against their will is just too sad. On the other hand, Christian looks like he’s made of beef jerky, can’t seem to wrestler for longer than a week without tearing something or giving himself a concussion and I don’t want to see him damage himself further.

According to our fan reporter, when they mentioned Christian getting a retirement ceremony like Edge, he just smirked and replied with a self-depricating “Well, I don’t know about that.” Well, I do you yellow bastard – you deserve to go out reeking of awesomeness Christian, or at least get that one more match, just try not to kill yourself doing so.

via Gerweck.net