Seth Rollins Re-Injured His Knee During Raw’s Samoa Joe Attack

Does it ever feel like Seth Rollins can’t catch a break? After a freak knee injury in November of 2015, Rollins sat out last year’s WrestleMania before finally returning in May to a hero’s welcome … except he was still positioned as a heel for several months for no discernible reason. On Monday’s Raw, he and Triple H finally began sowing the actual real seeds for a match between the two of them at WrestleMania 33, and Samoa Joe arrived to beat down Rollins. But whoops! Everything may be ruined now! Again.

On Wednesday, reported that Rollins has re-injured his knee in the attack, and posted the above video of Rollins leaving Raw on crutches to their website and YouTube pages.

While this certainly seems like it could be part of a storyline injury to further play up the danger of Samoa Joe and add even more bad blood to his feud against Triple H, it sadly appears to be a very real injury. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that the injury is legit, and PWInsider reported that Rollins is already in Birmingham, Alabama, to consult with Dr. James Andrews about the severity of the injury, and to evaluate whether this aggravation of his surgically repaired knee will cause him to miss yet another WrestleMania.

Keep your fingers crossed for Seth Rollins, because we’re hoping this doesn’t turn into the biggest bummer ever.