Former WWE Wrestler Shad Gaspard Took Down An Armed Robber

When it comes to the story of former WWE tag team Cryme Tyme, JTG usually gets the bulk of the notoriety. After all, he’s the guy who tried to become a main eventer with a Muppet-based gimmick and famously kept his job for seven years by flying wayyyy under the radar. But now it’s his teammate’s time to shine, as Shad Gaspard just stopped a dang armed robbery … one with a twist ending.

Pro Wrestling Sheet first reported the story of Shad’s heroics that took place on Saturday night. Shad, JTG and some others were driving back from a wrestling show in Florida when they stopped at a gas station for refreshments. JTG stayed in the car while Shad headed inside. As he was going in the station, a man approached him and aggressively told Shad to buy him a beer, then pulled a gun out of his pants. Things escalated from there.

Gaspard tells us he immediately thought to himself, “Fuck this, I’m not dying in Florida,” and got in the guys face to intimidate him enough to back down.

It worked, but the man told Shad he better leave because he was about to rob the place. That’s when the wrestler says he immediately rushed in and forced the gun out of his hands. He tried uncocking it, but wasn’t having luck and assumed he was just caught up in the moment.

Shad says he tried passing the gun off to the cashiers, but they didn’t want it — and the guy started making his way to the door — so he slammed the man’s head into the door, pulled him outside and got the robber into a rear naked choke hold. That’s when JTG and co. saw what was happening and called the cops. Gaspard eventually immobilized him and began searching him for more weapons. At that point he re-assessed the initial weapon and realized it was nothing more than an air-soft gun.

It’s pretty damn admirable and impressive that Shad thought it was a legitimate gun and still busted right in and slapped it out of a dude’s hand mid-robbery. Guns shoot bullets, man. Those things can kill you like nobody’s business. Even if it just ended up being a BB gun, holy hell, Shad. I think you’re about to earn some sort of medal.

Also, thank you for giving us all our new motto: “Fuck this, I’m not dying in Florida.” Get that tattooed somewhere special, people. Words to live by.