WWE Has Reportedly Signed Female Japanese Wrestling Star KANA

If you’re a fan of Japanese women’s wrestling and tuned in to Saturday’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, you were greeted to a surprising image: a front row trio of Sgt. Slaughter (check), “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair (check) and … KANA??

They spelled it “Kanna,” but yep, that’s joshi star Kana beside two people you’d never expect to hang out with Kana. If you aren’t familiar with her, she’s known as “MOST DANGEROUS,” thanks to her stiff strikes and unforgiving submission style. She’s competed in promotions like JWP, Pro Wrestling Wave, Smash and DDT, as well as making U.S. appearances in places like SHIMMER Women Athletes and Chikara Pro. And, if a report from Japanese reporter Enuhito is to believe, MOST DANGEROUS KANA is headed to WWE. Guess that explains why she’s “Kanna.”

Here’s the English version of the story, via his blog:

I am told that KANNA signed with WWE a few weeks ago. (I can’t say who he told me.) But I am not told that she appears on the show tonight.

KANNA did not take WWE Tryout at Ryogoku Sumo Hall last month. She was checked beforehand.

I am sure WWE will soon officially announce this contract. Good luck, KANNA!

This is unbelievably exciting for NXT fans hoping the “Four Horsewomen” ascending to Raw doesn’t mean high-quality women’s wrestling in NXT is over. Kana adds international flavor to the Divas division and can go — see any of her matches with current WWE trainer Sara “Sara Del Rey” Amato for proof of that. Plus, there’s a chance that one day we’ll see Kana vs. Eva Marie. Don’t you want to live in that world?