Sin Cara Is Still Receiving Backstage Discipline For His Fight With Chris Jericho

Just over a week ago, Sin Cara and Chris Jericho had a scuffle on the WWE bus during a tour of the UK. The fight was over before it started, but since Sin Cara was the person who initiated the fight and took the first swing, he was kicked off the Raw bus, exiled to the Smackdown side for the remainder of the European tour, and ordered to take anger management classes. There was reportedly some brief consideration of letting him go, but ultimately WWE decided to just discipline him. And even though he has appeared on Raw since the fight and it hasn’t been mentioned on television, that discipline is still ongoing behind the scenes.

PWInsider reported two of the punishments that Cara has had to put up with since the roster has returned to the United States. On Monday night, he wasn’t allowed to use the company charter flight to Buffalo for Raw with the rest of the roster and instead had to make a six-hour drive to Buffalo. When he got to Raw, he was banned from using the main roster locker room and instead was made to change with the extras.

Granted, these punishments are hardly severe, but given the longstanding fraternal nature of pro wrestling and the WWE locker room, these are clear messages and indicators that he is very much in the doghouse and probably lucky to be keeping his job right now. God only knows what his next punishment will be. Maybe he’ll have to get coffee for the Shining Stars, or maybe he’ll even be split from Kalisto and forced to go up against Braun Strowman two weeks in a row. His discipline could take any form.