The Best And Worst Of WWE Smackdown Live 5/21/19: Rude Dolph’s Shiny New Year

WWE Smackdown Live

Previously on the Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live: Anyone not watching the series finale of Game of Thrones tuned into Money in the Bank to see Daniel Bryan and Rowan lose a non-title match on the pre-show, Becky Lynch lose the Smackdown Women’s Championship to Charlotte Flair only for Charlotte to immediately lose it to Bayley, and Shane McMahon win a steel cage match via wardrobe malfunction.

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Anyway, here’s the Best and Worst of WWE Smackdown Live for May 21, 2019.

Best: Big E!, Or
Worst: Welcome To The Promo Parade

You guys know the drill. This is the only way they know how to open shows anymore.

On the positive tip, Big E’s back! On the negative, he’s back way ahead of schedule, which as I mentioned in the open discussion thread meant only one of two things: