WWE Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread 7/18/17

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Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Smackdown Live open discussion thread for July 18, 2017:

Just days before WWE Battleground, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal will make good on his promise to bring the dangerous Punjabi Prison to SmackDown LIVE. What will the return of this punishing structure mean for Mahal and Randy Orton before they step into its menacing confines on Sunday? Find out tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network! — via WWE.com

Our five-point preview:

1. It’s the go-home show for Battleground! Final matches will be set, and by “final matches,” we mean “most of the matches, but then WWE will wait until With Spandex posts our official preview and predictions, and then will announce a kickoff match and another match over the weekend.” It’s like clockwork!

2. The Punjabi Prison is coming to Smackdown Live! Check it out! It’s gonna have the bamboo poles and oh man … you gotta see this playset, guys. It makes the shark cage look like … something that isn’t made out of a bunch of wood. Haha, idiots.

3. Mike Kanellis will make his in-ring debut against Sami Zayn. Surely this won’t lead to another match between the two at Battleground in just five days. That would be preposterous!

4. Baron Corbin is facing Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens is facing AJ Styles at Battleground, so we’re going to have a TAG TEAM MATCH, PLAYA. It’s important that Owens gets in his “getting pinned” reps every week in tag team matches, you know. You don’t want him to pull a hammy or anything if he goes into the pay-per-view without practice.

5. Breezango is still searching for the truth, which may or may not be out there. We’re anticipating a big old X-Files parody this week, but mostly we’re just overjoyed that Zango is still getting amazing stuff to do every week. Living the dream: getting popular and beloved without having to wrestle all that much.

As always, we’re including 10 of the best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Smackdown Live report. Reply to your favorites with a +1 to nominate them for consideration, and share the open thread around so we can get some fresh voices and jokes in here. Enjoy the show!

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