WWE Smackdown Live Open Discussion Thread 11/7/17

Tonight, on the WWE Smackdown Live open discussion thread:

After defeating both Singh Brothers in consecutive weeks, AJ Styles was the victim of a heinous attack at the hands of WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. As a result, Commissioner Shane McMahon has declared that The Modern Day Maharaja will defend his title against The Phenomenal One tonight on SmackDown LIVE in Manchester, England. Who will leave the U.K. with Team Blue’s top prize? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network! (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. WWE is still in the U.K., so this episode of Smackdown Live is really Smackdown “Live,” as it was pre-taped earlier today. I hope they bring back that weird vacuum noise and drop it in the middle of whatever Dolph Ziggler does tonight just for old times’ sake.

2. There are two, count ’em, two title matches on the docket tonight: Jinder Mahal will defend the WWE World Championship against AJ Styles, and the Usos will put their Smackdown Tag Team Championships on the line against Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable. Given what happened at Raw last night, it’s not entirely crazy to think that at least one of these will end in a new champion. (Please, flying spaghetti monster, let it be AJ.)

3. Speaking of that mini-invasion by the New Day last night, and the announcement that Roman Reigns is cleared to return to the ring, it sure as sh*t feels like the Shield is going to pop up at Smackdown tonight, resulting in a six-man tag at Survivor Series, which I am all the way in on — no member of the New Day has even laid a finger on Reigns since 2015, and there is nothing I wanna see more than Big E trucking this smug-ass Samoan prince.

4. If the promise of another Jinder Mahal main event wasn’t enough to suck you into this episode of Smackdown Pre-Taped, we’re also getting WWE’s first intergender match in years between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth. Yeah, that’ll put a lot of butts in seats.

5. WWE.com’s official Smackdown Live preview only has four bullet points, so even the writers are struggling to fill two hours of TV time right now. Who will they trot out tonight? Tyler Bate? Piper Niven? I can tell you it probably won’t be Sin Cara

+1 your favorite comments from tonight and we’ll put 10 of the best in tomorrow’s Best and Worst column. Enjoy the show!