WWE Smackdown Live Ratings Were Up For The Battleground Go-Home Show

07.20.17 7 months ago 2 Comments


Tuesday night’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live was the go-home show for Sunday’s Battleground pay-per-view. Although all of the pieces were put in place for Sunday’s show (or at least most of them), in true go-home show fashion, nothing really actually happened. There was a singles version of the tag title match, a tag match version of two singles matches, and a preview of the Punjabi Prison match that highlighted how convoluted the Punjabi Prison match is.

But as it turns out, people really wanted to see that Punjabi Prison. At least, that’s the only explanation we can thing of for the ratings getting a sizable bump this week. Things continue to get healthier and healthier for WWE in the ratings as the NBA Playoffs fade away in the rearview mirror and the road to SummerSlam stretches out before us.

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