Shane McMahon’s WWE Hell In A Cell Match Might Be ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ For A Very Specific Reason

Earlier this week, WWE announced that Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens was going to be a Falls Count Anywhere match, and fans immediately started poking holes in the decision. It’s true, a Hell in a Cell match with this stipulation is confusing, is contradicting, is clunky. Brandon called it lazy, and everyone else who writes for the site is concerned for McMahon’s safety in some regard.

But could it be for a very specific reason? Ringside News and Wrestling Observer Radio reported that there may be a reason WWE added this stipulation. Potential spoilers lurk below, With Spandex Universe.

Fans are expecting something crazy this Sunday — just like they do any time Shane McMahon is in a big match these days. According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio (and again, POSSIBLE SPOILERS HERE, PEOPLE), WWE does have something crazy planned, but due to McMahon’s age and mindset, they’re not going to leave anything at all to chance.

Ringside News provides the transcript of what Alvarez understands is the current plan for McMahon vs. Owens.

“So, what’s the point of announcing that it’s a Falls Count Anywhere match, except that maybe they were going over various ideas, and Shane decided, ‘You know what? I’m old and I have a family; I really don’t wanna kill myself.’ And so they’re gonna do a pre-tape with a stuntman of something really stupid happening backstage, and they can do the finish there and not risk anybody’s life.”

Rumors and reports are just those, but let’s brainstorm just show crazy this stunt might be. Another Steve Blackman moment but from higher? On top of more (or less?) stuff? Maybe someone suggested Shane gets thrown off the top of Little Caesars Arena and land on top of that Little Caesar dude’s spear. Maybe he pulled something after his WWE 2k session.

Do you think WWE production can pull this off? Will the pro graps community still credit Shane-O-Mac with the stunt if it looks too pre-recorded? What do you tell your kids, that wrestling is fake but it’s also real but that crazy thing you saw the Smackdown Commissioner do is not real but it was real for someone else, just not the Smackdown Commissioner?

We all certainly understand why Shane would opt for a stunt double, but the WWE Universe is going to have to suspend disbelief twice. It’s a conundrum. A Conundrum in a Hell in a Cell. Also, holy shit, really, I mean really, what are they planning that Shane McMahon is saying “eh, maybe not.”