Stephanie McMahon Did A Facebook Live Q&A And Revealed Triple H Never Cooks Dinner

When it comes to wrestling personalities that would have some interesting stories to tell in a book, Stephanie McMahon has to be at the forefront of that list. Throughout her entire life, Stephanie has been at the front and center  of the wrestling industry, and she’ll finally share her experiences with the world in an autobiography that’s going to be released later this year.

McMahon did a Facebook Live Q&A on Friday (out of character, in case you’re wondering) where she revealed that there would indeed be moments in the book that fans would be shocked by.

“It’s not like some kind of horrible illegal activity or anything but I definitely think that what happens along the way will be a little shocking. Some unexpected things, because I’m really very honest and truthful. I tell stories the way that they happened, or at least my perception of how they happened. I don’t hold back. My goal isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings, my goal is tell the story of how some things happened and then how I recovered from them.”

In addition, Stephanie also revealed her thoughts on WWE’s draft that occurred Tuesday and told everyone to be on the lookout for what happens on Raw next week (although she did acknowledge she’s not in the room for those creative choices).

“The draft was really fun. I just love working with Mick and of course Daniel Bryan and Shane it’s just so much fun. I love what I do and I’m so lucky to be able to get out there and interact with the audience and all of our talent and just have fun. I think the draft has really set up our brands and wait until you see what’s gonna happen on Raw.”

The former Women’s Champion also answered questions from fans, so let’s run down some of the highlights of the segment.

  • Her inspiration for writing it was that she is turning 40 soon
  • Stephanie’s guilty pleasure is chocolate but she just found out she might be allergic to it
  • Vince McMahon has read the first half of the book and loved it, but she’s more nervous about him reading the second half
  • On Vince: “He’s the boss, and what he says goes”
  • The story she is most excited to tell is her love story with Triple H. She wrote the story of how Hunter proposed to her when it happened so she wouldn’t forget anything
  • Triple H never cooks, but he does grill
  • McMahon’s favorite type of music is R&B and Motown
  • Her daughters understand she is playing a character on TV but don’t get why she chooses to play a bad guy
  • Her favorite superhero is Wonder Woman
  • Her most embarrassing moment was her wardrobe malfunction when HHH pedigreed her on the announce table. She knows there are pictures of it floating around the internet and has seen them

McMahon said the tentative release date of the book is October 4th, which is also Linda McMahon’s birthday.

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