Stephanie McMahon Did A Facebook Live Q&A And Revealed Triple H Never Cooks Dinner

07.23.16 2 years ago 9 Comments

When it comes to wrestling personalities that would have some interesting stories to tell in a book, Stephanie McMahon has to be at the forefront of that list. Throughout her entire life, Stephanie has been at the front and center  of the wrestling industry, and she’ll finally share her experiences with the world in an autobiography that’s going to be released later this year.

McMahon did a Facebook Live Q&A on Friday (out of character, in case you’re wondering) where she revealed that there would indeed be moments in the book that fans would be shocked by.

“It’s not like some kind of horrible illegal activity or anything but I definitely think that what happens along the way will be a little shocking. Some unexpected things, because I’m really very honest and truthful. I tell stories the way that they happened, or at least my perception of how they happened. I don’t hold back. My goal isn’t to hurt anyone’s feelings, my goal is tell the story of how some things happened and then how I recovered from them.”

In addition, Stephanie also revealed her thoughts on WWE’s draft that occurred Tuesday and told everyone to be on the lookout for what happens on Raw next week (although she did acknowledge she’s not in the room for those creative choices).

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