Triple H Announced A New WWE ‘Studio Show’ Headed To FS1 This Fall

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If you’re a longtime fan of WWE, and especially if you grew up watching WWF Superstars, you might miss the old “studio shows,” in which half the episode is just someone at a desk or in front of a green screen telling you about a show you already watched. It looks like that concept’s finally coming back, with modern updates, thanks to Triple H.

WWE’s messed around with the idea of analyst shows and SportsCenter type recaps of the week in WWE before, but they’re going big this time. On today’s episode of First Things First, Triple H announced an all new weekly WWE studio show on FS1 this fall to coincide with Smackdown Live’s move to Fox. The announcement also fits neatly with the rumors that Fox is planning major changes to Smackdown, including focusing more on the show as a sports presentation, and that their investment is bringing them more than just the blue brand.

You can watch the video below.

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