This Clip Of Brock Lesnar Gashing Open Randy Orton Makes It Clear Why He Needed Staples In His Head

Sunday night’s WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view ended with its main event dream match of Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar ending via TKO of all things, after Lesnar split Orton’s head wide open with a brutal elbow. Fans at Barclays Center were displeased with that ending (to say nothing of the online backlash), but no one can say Orton didn’t suffer an injury that would have ended just about any other professional athlete’s night immediately. announced that Orton required 10 staples to close the wound after the show, which seems low, considering the absolute puddle of blood that gushed out of him after a pair of disgusting elbows straight to the dome: also posted photos of Orton getting the staples backstage, presented in their trademark “no one will know what blood is if it’s in black and white” treatment. One of the pre-staple medical room photos is above, but you can check out all nine photos if you just click right here. They’re way less graphic than the actual SummerSlam bleeding was.

Yep, that’s a serious wound, alright. The sort of injury that might end the second-biggest PPV of the year via TKO, just if we’re spitballing here.