WWE’s Carmella Is Launching An Extremely On-Brand Wine

05.06.19 4 months ago


As she prepares to battle for the title of “two-time Miss Money in the Bank,” Carmella just added a new out-of-ring accomplishment to her resume when she launched her new Capo Cagna wine brand at the Daytime Emmys. And while beer is probably the alcoholic beverage most associated with wrestling, Carmella’s wine definitely fits the spirit of sports entertainment – all of its advertising tells the world that it is not for “snobs.”

While the Bella Twins went in a rustic/classy/Italian vineyard direction for their Belle Radici brand and Cody Rhodes directly referenced he and his father’s wrestling characters with his contributions to the Nocking Point wine club, Carmella’s wine brand mixes #girlboss language with a reality TV/Instagram influencer aesthetic.

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