A WWE Superstar Won His First Main Roster Title At Stomping Grounds


When Ricochet was called up to the WWE main roster alongside Aleister Black earlier this year, it looked the sky was the limit for the high flyer. He and Black quickly challenged for both the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championships. They didn’t win, but this did open the door for the odd couple to win NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Since the Superstar Shake-Up split up Black and Ricochet, the former has been mostly performing dramatic monologues in a dark room while the former Prince Puma has been wrestling on Raw. After a series of matches with Cesaro, Ricochet won the right to challenge for Samoa Joe’s United States Championship at Stomping Grounds.

At the Tacoma, Washington, PPV, Joe and Ricochet had an exciting power vs. speed match. Despite a brutal beating from the champion, Ricochet managed to turn the fight around and pin Joe after his signature 630 senton.

This is the second time Ricochet has won a singles championship in WWE since he signed with the company in January 2018 (he was the second NXT North American Champion) and his first on the main roster.

Should this be just the beginning of an extended feud for Ricochet and Samoa Joe, or should the new champion quickly move on to showcase his skills against other performers? Let us know what you think in the comments.