WWE Superstars Appeared In A Local Connecticut Real Estate Commercial And We Have So Many Questions

WWE Superstars Titus O’Neil and Big Show took a break from feuding with Darren Young and … whatever it is the Big Show has been doing to appear in an ad for a local Connecticut real estate company. Naturally, as professional professional wrestling investigatory journalists, we have a lot of questions.

But before we get into them, please enjoy the commercial in question:

  1. What local McMahon cousin used family pressure to pull this off?
  2. Is this what Shane McMahon was really up to when he left the company?
  3. What song did Big Show hear in his head when he was told he had to do this? My vote is “Landslide.”
  4. Do WWE Superstars always wear their gear when they do chores? Does Dolph Ziggler mow the lawn in bedazzled, airbrushed denim?
  5. What if the Millers had no knowledge of WWE prior to this move? Having these giants in spandex step out of that truck was a bold choice.
  6. Are Titus and Big Show licensed to perform this work? Do their gimmicks tie into it and we’ve just never noticed? I have newfound respect for WWE’s hockey players, plumbers, race car drivers, salsa dancers, undertakers, and energy highers now.
  7. You shouldn’t carry your dog like that. It’s sweet but really dangerous.
  8. Wait, was the dog packed in the truck?
  9. Do wrestlers fall into a rage if they see a folding chair outside of a traditional wrestling venue? Is it like a bull with red capes?
  10. Do you think they shipped any of these kids off to OVW? My guess is the one in the red. He just seems like a bit of a turdy jerk, which is probably why no one shook his hand.
  11. Why is everyone taking a break and drinking pond water? Is that from the tap? What is happening in Connecticut?
  12. I love the way Titus pronounces ‘Realtor.’ Can it be the new main villain in the next Transformers movie?
  13. Is WWE branching out into Helpful Honda territory? Can Helpful Honda People vs. Team CT Realtor please be an undercard Survivor Series match?
  14. Why isn’t Neville in the cruiserweight division?
  15. Seriously, what local Northeastern mobster did Vince finally cash in a favor for? This seems like a Fargo subplot.

If this is the start of a WWE local advertising renaissance, I for one am looking forward to seeing my favorite Superstars appear in Southern California Sit ‘n Sleep ads. “You’re killing me, Larry — and so are you, Bray Wyatt in pajamas!”

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