WWE Has Canceled ‘Superstars’ In The Wake Of ‘205 Live’

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11.29.16 14 Comments

WWE Network

Unless you’re a truly die-hard fan of Bo Dallas or Jinder Mahal, you may not be too affected by this news, but one of WWE’s long-running weekly shows is coming to an end so the company can focus on 205 Live, which is almost certain to draw more eyeballs anyway.

As first reported by Wrestling Inc., there is no episode of Superstars listed on WWE Network for Friday, and no Superstars matches were taped prior to Monday night’s episode of Raw in Charlotte, as had been the custom. PWInsider later confirmed that WWE is indeed canceling Superstars and putting that focus into 205 Live. That’s not to say 205 Live is going to receive the same level of promotion as Superstars. We already know that isn’t the case, because they’ve actually been hyping 205 Live.

Superstars began as a weekly one-hour prime time series in 2009, airing on WGN America. In 2011, the show became a WWE.com exclusive, then moved to Hulu Plus from 2012-2014. Since then, it has aired exclusively on WWE Network, although the show has been syndicated internationally since 2009.

The most recent edition of Superstars went up on the WWE Network on Friday and had two matches: Jinder Mahal vs. Sin Cara, and Bo Dallas vs. Curtis Axel.

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