WWE Superstars Singing ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ Is Even Worse Than You Can Imagine

Senior Editor, Sports
06.21.17 10 Comments

One day, we’ll all wake from this collective fever dream, and it will be just one big goof that WWE has an honest-to-god pay-per-view called Great Balls of Fire. Any second now. I mean, at least the thing has a (potentially) super good main event in Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship. But WWE really seems to be doubling and tripling down on the absurdity of the “Great Balls of Fire” name. Maybe we should just start blaming Jerry Lawler. Or Jerry Lee Lawler. Either way.

Did I say tripling down? I must have meant quincentupling down, because WWE’s YouTube page uploaded the above video, which has Superstars “singing” the lyrics to Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” in the cringe-iest thing we’ve seen since PJ Black’s description of getting his finger ripped off during a BASE jumping accident.

Kudos to WWE for including Cesaro and Sheamus, who were probably lucky to have never been subjected to the song before, and Alexa Bliss, who was literally born 34 years after “Great Balls of Fire” was released. By the way, “Great Balls of Fire” was recorded literally 60 years ago.

Meanwhile, TJP is still dabbing. If you listen closely, you can hear TJP dabbing right now. The ghost of TJP.

… Maybe WWE Superstars singing “Great Balls of Fire” isn’t so terrible after all.

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