The Best And Worst Of WWE Survivor Series 2017

Previously on the Best and Worst of WWE Survivor Series: Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar with a bad-ass spear and a devastating Jackhammer, then celebrated with his nude son.

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And now, the Best and Worst of WWE Survivor Series for November 19, 2017.

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Before we begin, let’s dangle helplessly on the ropes for a moment and talk about the pre-show. If you didn’t see it, you can watch it here.

Enzo Amore once again retained the Cruiserweight Championship against Kalisto, played tonight by Shemp from the Three Stooges in a Drago costume. It’s a good save, though, gotta give him that. If Sin Cara had tried to go up and over and got caught in the middle he would’ve split himself in half like the folks from the beginning of Ghost Ship. Hopefully this means we can move on to another challenger — Mustafa Ali, I’m looking in your direction — and use Kalisto as a strong performing hand in the division who never, ever talks, especially not in championship feuds against a guy who is very good at talking.

Elias defeated Matt Hardy in a match that could’ve literally been a limbo contest and wouldn’t have made Matt Hardy feel like he was in limbo more. 2017 WWE Matt Hardy doesn’t work without Jeff, so while the match was perfectly fine for something you’d see in the second hour of some random Raw, it wasn’t anything you need to see or even briefly talk about.