WWE Vs. Everybody: The Best Possible Interpromotional Champion Vs. Champion Matches In Fall 2018

11.15.18 7 months ago 16 Comments


Since the WWE brand split, champion vs. champion matches have been a draw of Survivor Series. This year, injuries and last minute storyline twists unexpectedly changed some of these Raw vs. SmackDown clashes, but they’re still an anticipated part of the show.

This made me wonder, in the few moments when I wasn’t thinking about Becky Lynch, about the other possible champion vs. champion matches out there in the wide world of wrestling right now. If Survivor Series was somehow promotion vs. promotion rather than brand vs. brand, which champions would I most want to see face off? This article looks at the equivalent belt-holders to our current WWE champions in various other wrestling promotions, and fantasy books the best possible matchups in November 2018.

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