A Polish Strongwoman And ‘Fitness Expert’ Is Getting A WWE Tryout

WWE has really been doubling and tripling down on the international talents as of late, in an attempt to even further appeal to foreign markets, where pro wrestling — and WWE in particular — has ALWAYS been enormous. They’ve made a huge splash in the Chinese market recently, are trying to sign a legitimate Indian national hero, and two of their three most recent signees are from Europe.

Now it appears one of their latest invitees to try out for the company hails from Poland, as WWE has invited former strongwoman and current self-proclaimed “fitness expert” Sylwia Reichel to a tryout camp. Reichel posted the following on her Facebook page, which is a spectacular look into what the invite process is like, and I believe this is the first we’ve ever seen of the slightly hilarious form email that you receive when WWE comes calling:

According to Reichel’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, she has spent the past year transitioning from strongwoman to fitness competitor, but make no mistake that she is tough and strong as hell. Here is five minutes of her lifting more weight than you can:

Reichel will try out in Scotland when she heads there for the Arnold Classic next month. Expect there to be a full contingent of strongmen and women, powerlifters, fitness models and more at that camp. WWE loves the Arnold and they love big, strong athletes.

(h/t 411Mania)