Did Daniel Bryan Tease A Return To The Ring On Talking Smack?

Since even before injuries forced him into retirement, fans have been dying for Daniel Bryan to make a comeback. Those desires for the leader of the Yes! Movement to lace up the boots one more time reached a fever pitch last year, when The Miz cut the promo of his ever-loving life on Bryan on an episode of Talking Smack.

Since then, Miz and Bryan have been engaged in a war of words, and The Miz has adopted (or stolen, if you prefer) a whole bunch of Bryan’s arsenal and added it to his own in-ring moveset.

After Smackdown on Tuesday, The Miz once again stopped by Talking Smack to toss more barbs at co-host Bryan, and in the middle of the back-and-forth between the two men, Bryan dropped this minor little bombshell.

That exchange came in the middle of Miz badmouthing Bryan a little in service of badmouthing John Cena a lot, and that little comment from Daniel Bryan was all there was to it, as all parties involved immediately moved on. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to analyze the hell out of it. Including us!

The “year and a half” comment is extremely telling here. Bryan has been fearlessly outspoken about the fact that he has been cleared by every doctor except WWE’s official doctor, and that he was at one point willing to ask for his WWE release so he could go continue to wrestle elsewhere. In retaliation, WWE reportedly threatened to freeze his contract rather than release him, so it’s entirely possible that Bryan serving as general manager is just a means of him playing out his existing contract.

It’s also equally (probably a lot more) likely that Bryan was just tossing out a little nugget of truth-like trash talk that he knows will get the wrestling world riled up? Well, if it was that option, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Commence freaking out, everyone?