The Miz And Half A Dozen WWE Superstars Are In The First Trailer For ‘The Marine 5’

The Miz has been the anchor of WWE Studios’ The Marine franchise for a while now, because John Cena is busy doing non-WWE movies, Dolph Ziggler is only qualified to superkick Bulgarians with guns, and Edge does … I dunno, bomb defusing or something. And Randy Orton appears to be retired from the acting game. Our loss, really.

Anyway, if you’ve watched Total Divas at all this season, you know that like a third of the roster went to Canada to film The Marine 5. There’s The Miz and Maryse, of course, but also all of the members of The Social Outcasts who are still employed by WWE, Naomi making her acting debut, and probably at least a cameo or two.

It’s even got Curtis Axel, the Ax-man, wielding an axe!

Man, this movie’s got everything! Bo Dallas with teardrop tattoos looking like a cross between Lou Diamond Phillips and Renegade, Heath Slater suddenly becoming the third-most-notable wrestler in the film between production and release, and The Miz delivering flying knees to guys in SWAT vests. What else do you need?

The movie comes out on Digital HD on March 25, and will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 25. And I’m sure at some point, there will be a With Spandex review. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch that dumb flying knee like 20 times.