Daniel Bryan Will Have A Confrontation With The Miz On This Week’s Smackdown Live

08.30.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

Last week on “Talking Smack,” the Smackdown Live after-show, The Miz completely f*cked up Daniel Bryan’s entire life with the most passionate, scorched-earth promo wrestling fans have seen in a decade, if not ever. Between that and Bryan’s genitals stories and the Usos getting all snide about why fans boo them, “Talking Smack” has suddenly become the most must-watch WWE program of the week.

Well, WWE absolutely knows how to capitalize when they’ve caught lightning in a bottle. They announced on Twitter with the above video that Bryan will address The Miz on this week’s Smackdown Live. Obviously, this can’t lead to a match between the two, because Bryan is retired. And although that’s a bummer, don’t forget we’ve already seen that story.

The Smackdown GM might attempt to make The Miz’s life a living hell, or he might choose a proxy who can tear The Miz limb from limb (maybe Apollo Crews will get another stab at that Intercontinental Championship). But let’s just be cautiously optimistic about the company providing us at least some follow-up on the most intriguing and surprising story we’ve seen in a while.

I’m hoping and praying that Miz will unload on Bryan once again, because we need more of that supa hot fire, but if nothing else, at least we can be thankful that even Maryse is handing The American Dragon serious Ls on Twitter.

Savage. Wonderful.

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