The Miz Is Still Handing Out Participation Awards, And It’s Still Awesome

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12.20.16 4 Comments

If you’ve watched any amount of WWE this year, you probably know that The Miz is one of the absolute best things about pro wrestling in the year 2016 (and soon to be in the year 2017). He’s been the most consistent in-ring performer this side of AJ Styles, he cut the undisputed promo of the year, and two weeks ago, he debuted the Miz Participation Award on Smackdown Live.

The first recipient of the prestigious award for trying was Dean Ambrose, who definitely did try. But thanks to the Miz’s Instagram account, which is secretly an amazing repository for in-canon Miz shenanigans, we now know that he’s continuing to hand out other participation awards for other life failures to anyone that happens to hove into his field of vision. Poor ref. You tried.

The other part of this video that is wonderful is another little something you may have missed: The Miz is adding “notches of greatness” to his carry-around Intercontinental Championship (I haven’t noticed them on the “television belt”) for every day of his current IC title reign.

These are functioning like pride stickers for college football players, which you probably know about if you’ve seen any late-season Ohio State game or have ever played EA’s NCAA Football video games (RIP). But Miz is using them like merit badges as little rewards for the most minor of accomplishments. It’s all great. All of it. Give this guy the world title already. Or the Universal title. Something. Anything other than another feud with Dolph Ziggler, the human version of a participation award.

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