WWE Is Partnering With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles For The Best Mash-Up Action Figures Ever

This has been one absolutely fantastic year for wrestling fans who like toys, or for toy fans who like wrestling, or just people who like nostalgia and sporting cool crap on their desks. (I may or may not be one of the above categories of people.) First, WWE put out a figure with the world’s coolest packaging at the San Diego Comic Con. Then WWE and Mattel announced a line of old Hasbro-style retro figures. But the latest WWE action figure development is absolutely spectacular, and should make Zack Ryder very, very happy.

As first announced by IGN, WWE will be partnering with none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise to put out a line of WWE-inspired mash-up figures, with everyone’s favorite radical reptiles dressed as iconic wrestlers. And it is so perfect that I cannot begin to even.

LOOK AT THAT, MAN. All the alignments are perfect! From Leonardo-ass John Cena to wild man Machoangelo. We’re dying to see this line continue, in part because this should have happened 20 years ago, but also because the possibilities are endless. Dean Ambrose as Wingnut! Bray Wyatt as Leatherhead! Bayley as Mondo Gecko! Bobby Heenan as a tiny Krang head inside a Gorilla Monsoon body.

Please click through to IGN, because all of the accessories are perhaps the best part. Somehow. As a person who knows extremely well that the original Playmates TMNT toy line was bar-none the greatest line of toys to ever make wrestle each other, I will be planning a trip to Walmart in early November, specifically to pick up every one of these bad boys. Thank you, WWE and TMNT, for making dreams come true.