WWE And UFC Teamed Up For A Brock Lesnar Vs. Mark Hunt Hype Video And It Completely Rules

We’re already in the thick of the biggest week in UFC history, and all of a sudden Brock Lesnar is the main event of Saturday’s UFC 200 pay-per-view. The Beast Incarnate is used to being a cash cow for both WWE and UFC, but now both promotions are hitting the full-court press to hype up his fight against Mark Hunt.

UFC has been steadily pumping out hype videos ever since they announced Lesnar was coming back, of course. Just a couple of weeks ago, they put out a nine-minute UFC 200 preview that featured a solid Lesnar vs. Hunt segment. But now both they and WWE are promoting the following hype video, which has the perfect tone and ranks right up there with the very best WWE video packages.

It’s going to be an extremely big week for Lesnar, win or lose. WWE will also be announcing his SummerSlam opponent during Thursday night’s episode of “SmackDown.” And with Jon Jones out of the main event of UFC 200, the true selling point for MMA and wrestling fans alike will be seeing Lesnar set foot in the Octagon one more time.

If you want to see a nearly seven-minute-long cut of that hype video, check it out below. But I don’t think anything can top the succinct cut that WWE tweeted out.

All eyes are about to be on Brock Lesnar. Again. You can bet your ass that’s the way he prefers things.