UFC Fighter Cat Zingano Is Calling Out WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, For Some Reason

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10.26.16 7 Comments

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A few months back, UFC megastar Conor McGregor made a bunch of wrestlers and wrestling fans extremely angry when he badmouthed pro wrestling as a general idea, and wrestlers in particular as being a bunch of damaged sissy-boys (I’m paraphrasing). It got a ton of press and the story went on for days, because he’s very good at working people.

Now get ready for a whole new round of that on a much, much smaller scale, because UFC bantamweight fighter Cat Zingano took to Twitter on Tuesday night to call out Sasha Banks (and by extension, Charlotte) completely unprompted.

If you know the name “Cat Zingano,” it’s probably in the context of her record-setting (in a bad way) 14-second loss to Ronda Rousey in a title fight back in early 2015, which was her first professional loss. Her last fight was also a loss, via decision to Julianna Peña.

So coming off back-to-back losses, it’s possible (although not likely) that Zingano is thinking about a possible change in career. Since that tweet calling out the WWE women, Zingano has been retweeting stuff like this:

Zingano has never been a name bandied about as being an outspoken pro wrestling fan, and she’s certainly not one of MMA’s Four Horsewomen. But maybe she’s a huge fan! Or maybe, like Conor McGregor, she just knows how to get some eyes on her and drum up interest in herself by calling out some popular and visible people with a massive and passionate fanbase.

Either way, you know there are probably some people at Titan Towers (they don’t really call it that anymore) stroking their chins and wondering how they can make some money off this.

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