WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Results 1/15/17

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Night Two results. The WWE Network-exclusive show featured the final three rounds of the UKCT, plus a surprise non-tournament dream match.

WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament Night Two results:

— The show opened with a recap of Saturday’s first round action, and Pete Dunne’s attack of his Round Two opponent Sam Gradwell, ending with William Regal giving him a stern talking-to backstage.

1. Round 2 Match: Pete Dunne defeated Sam Gradwell. Dunne took advantage of Gradwell’s injured back and pinned him after giving him a body slam into the turnbuckles. After the match, he hit the Bitter End on Gradwell.

2. Round 2 Match: Mark Andrews defeated Joseph Conners. Andrews got the pin after the shooting star press to advance to the semifinals.

3. Round 2 Match: Wolfgang defeated Trent Seven. Wolfgang was able to hit the swanton bomb to Seven’s back and got the pinfall victory.

4. Round 2 Match: Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin. Bate hit the Tyler Driver 97 and got the pin to advance to the semifinals.

5. Semifinal Match: Pete Dunne defeated Mark Andrews. Dunne hit a German suplex into the turnbuckles and then the Bitter End to get the pin and advance to the finals.

6. Semifinal Match: Tyler Bate defeated Wolfgang. Bate got the victory with the Tyler Driver 97.

— After the match, Pete Dunne hit the ring and attacked Bate, throwing him into the ringpost and injuring his shoulder. Regal came out to berate Dunne again and sent him to the back.

7. Neville defeated Tommy End. In an unadvertised non-tournament match, Neville came out to run down everyone in the tournament and issue a challenge, to which Tommy End responded. Neville ended up getting the pin after hitting the Red Arrow.

— Finn B├ílor came out to introduce the finals match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

8. WWE United Kingdom Championship Finals: Tyler Bate defeated Pete Dunne. Bate kicked out of the Bitter End and eventually hit the Tyler Driver 97 to get the pin and become the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion.