There Might Finally Be Some Concrete Plans For WWE’s U.K. Division

Fans have been waiting for some hot, fresh British wrestling content on WWE Network for most of 2017 so far. While the United Kingdom Championship Tournament was a rousing success, since that time the U.K. division has been relegated to a handful of live shows, a WWE Network special, and for the most part has just appeared on NXT programming from time to time. And let’s not even talk about the independent U.K. promotions that supposedly have deals in place to put original content on the Network.

But take heart, because it looks like plans are finally moving forward (or at least, a real, actual plan is in place) for the future of the division and some sort of regular WWE United Kingdom show.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE has plans in place for a plan of attack across the pond once the eventual U.K. television (and/or Network) series is announced and launched. The plan is for WWE to tape programming every six weeks, and to run WWE U.K. live events twice a month, in England.

What’s more, WWE has reportedly signed already-under-WWE-contract British wrestlers Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, Wolfgang, and Mark Andrews to new contracts that more definitively outline their roles. The new contracts supposedly state that their focus will be on the new U.K. show, but they will still be asked to report to the Performance Center and/or NXT programming when needed.

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