Baron Corbin Lists All The Places He Will Fight Dolph Ziggler

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06.10.16 4 Comments

The Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler feud is continuing! That’s … that’s what we all want, right? More matches between these two eternal, sworn blood enemies. On Thursday’s SmackDown, we got the latest chapter in this spectacular treadmill, with Ziggler sitting in on commentary and taunting Corbin during his match – although Ziggler didn’t go for the patented distraction finish, which is the most commendable thing he has done in like two years.

After the match, Tom Phillips caught up with Corbin backstage and the Lone Wo(r)lf elaborated on all of the places that he would be willing to fight Dolph Ziggler.

The complete list, according to Barry C.:

– Any time (not a place, but still good to know)
– In a ring
– Out of a ring
– In a parking lot
– In front of people (bold!)
– No people

So there you have it: Baron Corbin will gladly fight Dolph Ziggler in any of five circumstances. Any time, though. We think he’s limiting himself a little (although if this is to set up an empty arena match, I am extremely conflicted). So let’s help him out with some further options.

– In a field
– In a fjord
– While playing Overwatch
– On the wing of an airplane
– In a romantic hot air balloon
– In a library (shhhhh!)
– During a “hands on a hard body” competition
– In Ring of Honor
– In adjacent tanning beds
– In a house
– With a mouse
– In the backseat of a Lyft

… I think most of these are just me subliminally wanting Corbin and Ziggler to go on a date. I’d be totally cool with that, too. It would be more interesting than watching them fight. Again. I don’t care how few people they fight in front of.

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