WWE Is Now Encouraging More Fans To Dress Up Because Everyone Wants To Be Like The Rock

WWE is now encouraging more people to dress up like their favorite stars, because The Rock is a certified influencer.

Back in January, WWE producers tried to shuffle a handful of cosplaying fans as far out of sight as possible, then to a place nobody would notice them. This of course backfired when The Rock interrupted his promo to go off-script, interact with a guy dressed like himself, and talk about how good the weed must be in Miami.

Now, it seems like WWE is trying to embrace those unscripted shenanigans. During the live WWE Raw event, the crowd was treated to a video package encouraging them to dress up. According to PWInsider, it said “You are a big reason why we are awesome. Thanks for being a part of the show.” WWE also followed up with this tweet, both linking to a playlist of ‘fan interactions’ and pretending infamous WWE plant ‘Sign Guy’ in the middle is worth anybody’s attention:

Of course, the playlist doesn’t include the time a fan got too aggressively handsy with CM Punk and Punk punched him for real. Or the time WWE announcers made fun of the WWE audience while they were chanting for CM Punk. Or even the time CM Punk got mad at fans in Australia and repeatedly shouted that the male fans had lady parts. Hahaha, oh man, WWE doesn’t miss that guy at all.