Triple H Elaborated On Why WWE Changed War Games And How He Sold It To Vince McMahon

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11.17.17 15 Comments

On Saturday night, the latest NXT TakeOver will hit Houston, and will be headlined by the first War Games match (or WarGames, as the title of the event insists) in 17 years. The match will look similar in some ways (two rings; a steel cage), and very different in others (no roof; shark cages).

When WWE announced the rules for the modern-day WarGames match, there was some rumbling and grumbling among longtime fans and purists. When word got out in the past few days that the cage wouldn’t have a roof, the rumbles and grumbles turned into harrumphs and groans, respectively.

According to many both inside and outside of WWE, Triple H is among those who have been pushing for years for WWE to finally have a WarGames match, and it reportedly came close to happening a bunch of times over the past decade. Reports have always indicated that Vince McMahon was staunchly opposed to the idea, but clearly something has changed.

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