Triple H Confirmed That Yes, There Will Be Another WWE WarGames Match

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11.21.17 8 Comments

On Saturday, the latest NXT TakeOver live special was headlined by the eagerly-anticipated and long-awaited return of the WarGames match. The match itself underwent some significant changes from its last appearance in WCW 17 years ago, but the broad strokes were all in place. (Team warfare, two rings, a cage.) The end result had fans divided about the effectiveness of the changes to the match, but pretty much everyone agreed that the WarGames main event itself was brutal, entertaining, and good.

NXT paterfamilias Triple H had a lot of good reasons for making the changes he made to the format, and this also sets the precedent that said format is open to being tweaked and adjusted as time goes on.

As is the case with most things in WWE, when something new is a success, the company tries to find ways to replicate and repeat that success. WarGames was well-received both outside of and within WWE, and you better believe they already have plans to capitalize on that success.

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