WWE’s Commercial For Extreme Rules Is All About Bugs Having Sex. Wait, What?

Even though we’re still ramping up to Payback, WWE is already hyping the next pay-per-view event they actually care about: Extreme Rules. Their marketing department has released this bug-humping head-scratcher of a commercial, prompting everyone to ask uhhh … hey, marketing guys, you okay?

Yesterday we brought you “Titus O’Neil teaches you to quit smoking by being an asshole,” and now we have “WWE: literally better than sex.” That’s what we’re going for here, right? I guess coming (ew) right out and saying, “Hey, listen, we know you’re horny, but have you considered watching wrestling instead?” is probably the greatest recognition of their primary demographic since they let Cesaro rip off his cool guy suit to reveal a New Day shirt. There’s probably a better example than that, but look, who doesn’t want an excuse to relive that moment in perpetuity?

Yes, we realize that The Philosopher Kings approach to PPV promos is an..odd choice at best, but realistically the only truly offensive thing about the commercial is the typography choices. I mean, look at this:

There’s more random capitalization than an angsty teen’s Livejournal username. If WWE needs some new graphics people, I know plenty of artists who would be more than happy to replace dArK_StAr_kOrN_GaL_69 over here. Hit me up, marketing weirdos.