The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Changed Hands At Hell In A Cell

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match between Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) and The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) was added to Hell In A Cell at the last minute along with three other matches. Though it seemed like an afterthought, the match ended up being pretty consequential, resulting in a title change and the debut of a new move for Asuka.

Both teams were essentially babyfaces going into the match, but Asuka and Sane began to act more heelish once it got going, with moments like this creative eye-poke by the Pirate Princess:

The Kabuki Warriors ending up winning the match and the tag titles with an illegal maneuver as well. While the referee was distracted by action outside the ring, Asuka spit green mist into Cross’s face. She pinned her for the win after a kick to the face. You can watch the finish here:

Asuka’s past as the most dominant competitor in WWE’s women’s division, and arguably the whole company, was discussed on commentary and her use of the mist was compared to that of The Great Kabuki and The Great Muta. It’s not as crazy as the highlights of the Raw Women’s Championship match and it is definitely not something Asuka needed to be compelling, but the new gimmick at least signals that this wrestler have people talking about her wrestling again in the future, as well as her gaming on YouTube.