The Women’s Tag Team Championship Match Was Pulled From WWE SummerSlam, And Here’s Why


For a moment it almost looked like the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship might make it onto the SummerSlam card, which would have been the first PPV where it’s been defended since WrestleMania. If you really want to drive home how long ago that was, remember that Sasha Banks was half the team defending it. She ran for the hills after she and Bayley lost to the IIconics, who were supposed to feud with the Bella Twins, who never showed up because of Nikki Bella’s medical issues, and the belts were largely forgotten. But last week there was a segment hinting at a multi-team match, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter said that match was planned for SummerSlam.

Instead, the match happened on Raw this week. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the titles, defeating not only the IIconics, but the Kabuki Warriors and Fire & Desire as well. According to the Observer, it was Paul Heyman who made the call to have that match on Raw rather than SummerSlam. There’s no definite word on why that decision was made, but the speculation (which makes a lot of sense) is that they could give it more time on Raw than it would get on the crowded SummerSlam card. Hopefully Alexa and Nikki will be given a chance to elevate the belts a bit, and they can make it onto a less crowded PPV before too much longer.