Triple H Has Confirmed There Will Be A WWE Women’s Tournament This Year

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01.18.17 22 Comments

For months, there have been extremely reliable rumors and reports that WWE is planning on running a women’s tournament in 2017. The fact that they’ve been signing pretty much every notable woman in the business is what we here at With Spandex like to refer to as a “red flag” (wrestling term).

But on Wednesday, we heard straight from the boss-hoss’ mouth that WWE will indeed run a women’s tournament, and it will likely happen this summer. In an interview snippet from the upcoming latest Wrestling Compadres Slamcast on FOX Sports, Triple H himself said the tournament is one of his big passions, and on the heels of the successful Cruiserweight Classic and UK Championship tournaments, he’s going to make it a reality.

“[A women’s tournament is] another of my big passions, but things are always changing. Raw and Smackdown split, NXT TakeOvers are attached to big four PPVs. We have to find the right time and space. The UK Tournament worked out in the small break before the Rumble. The women, we’re hoping to do this summer. That’s the plan. Like the cruisers, we want to search all over and expose talent to our audience.”

So there you have it, everyone. Official confirmation, if no hard date at the moment. You can now begin speculating which free agent women wrestlers will get snapped up before the tournament begins, who already at the Performance Center will make a big impact in the tournament, and which NXT and main roster women will get the big snub, a la two-time snub-ee Neville.

You can listen to the full clip from the Triple H interview below.

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