WWE And Triple H Will Be Sending The Cubs A One-Of-A-Kind Championship Belt

Ever since WWE changed the design of their WWE Championship belt(s), one of the coolest innovations has been the addition of custom side plates to signify who the current champion is. Also, over the past few years, it has now become customary for WWE to bestow a custom championship belt upon whoever is the reigning champion from the other major sports (besides wrestling, I mean). The Golden State Warriors got one. The Cavs got one. The Pittsburgh Penguins got one. (Yes, the Penguins won the Stanley Cup this year. I also had completely forgotten that already.) And in 2013, WWE even made two belts for MLB’s Cy Young winners, Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer.

What we’re saying is that it’s a longstanding tradition, and an extremely cool one. It’s also a tradition that won’t be getting old anytime soon, because hot dang look at how snazzy those Cubs logos look on that belt. It’s … beautiful, no matter how you feel about the Cubs.

Also, this is pretty much exactly how the belt would have looked if CM Punk had ever held this version. So go ahead and adjust your copy of WWE 2K17 accordingly.