All Of Steve Austin’s WrestleMania 23 Stone Cold Stunners, Ranked

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03.16.17 11 Comments

Somehow, it’s already been more than 10 years since WrestleMania 23. And of course, when I say (or type) the words “WrestleMania 23,” the thing that comes to your mind immediately is the Vince McMahon vs. Donald Trump hair vs. hair match (by proxy). Do you remember another match from that card off the top of your head? Do you remember which match went on last? If so, you retain information a lot better than I do.

Anyway, if you’ll recall, the “Battle of the Billionaires” pitted Donald Trump’s chosen avatar, ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, against Vince McMahon’s stand-in, Intercontinental Champion Umaga. The loser billionaire would have their head shaved by the winner. And to ensure no funny business went down (read: to ensure maximum funny business went down at all cost), the special guest referee for the match was none other than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

That much you probably remember about the match. But did you remember that the barber chair got its own entrance?

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