Hulk Hogan Is Denying Any Rumors Of A WrestleMania 33 Return

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03.17.17 8 Comments

It had been announced for a little while, but this week fans really became aware of the fact that Hulk Hogan would just so happen to be in Orlando for WrestleMania weekend this year, opening a second location of his Hogan’s Beach shop and doing several straight days of autograph signings. Hogan’s been trying to get back in WWE’s good graces for a good long while now, so it would seem all the stars are aligning for once.

But now that everyone is reporting that the Hulkster is going to be in town for Mania, Hogan had to go on Twitter himself to shoot down all these pesky rumors, brother.

Okay now, putting aside how Hogan appears to write out dates like he’s passing Battleship notes back and forth during study hall, this might be one of the few times in history that Hogan has DOWNPLAYED a rumor that involved him doing something high-profile.

So that means this is a smokescreen, and that he’s 100 percent coming back, right? Is that how Hulk Hogan works? IT’S BEEN TWO YEARS; I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE. So I guess don’t be surprised if “Real American” hits at the Citrus Bowl, and Hogan comes out to … I don’t know, drag Rusev out of a hospital bed and punch him into dust.

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