WWE Already Has A Tentative Plan For The Main Event Of WrestleMania 34

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03.16.17 35 Comments

We’re still over two weeks away from WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, but WWE is reportedly already making plans for NEXT year’s main event in New Orleans. I guess there are potential spoilers here, but you already clicked through, so this is all on you now. Way to go, nerd.

Okay, anyway, according to Dave Meltzer over at the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE wants to end WrestleMania 34 with a main event they already tried once before: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar … this time, for the Universal Championship. If you don’t remember their match at WrestleMania 31, it RULED, and that was before Seth Rollins ran in to make everyone’s dreams come true.

While Lesnar is expected to leave this year’s WrestleMania with the Universal title, he’s not expected to hold it for an entire year, although he is expected to work more dates and have more appearances than he did in 2016 as he enters the final year of his three-year deal with the company.

WWE is reportedly hoping for Reigns to replace John Cena as the face of the entire company by the time he wins next year’s WrestleMania main event, although it’s not clear how they’ll get people to stop booing him in that time. After all, it’s already been over two years with them trying to make “fetch” happen and brother, the Big Dog ain’t fetchin’. The best and simplest answer is to turn him heel for a little while, which will probably make every fan instantly love him, but they’ve been reluctant to do that thus far.

So Lesnar vs. Reigns II is the plan, although of course everything seems to always change every year. Who’s pumped? Sound off with your finest OOOOOOOH AAAAAAAAAHHHH in the comments.

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