The Best In-Ring Gear From WrestleMania 34, Ranked


Now that WrestleMania weekend has been over for a few days, we’ve all had time to calm down and reflect on everything we saw in New Orleans last Sunday. As always, WrestleMania was a time for reinvention, reinvigoration, and showing off your cool new clothes.

See, if you haven’t noticed yet, one of my favorite things about wrestling is the clothing. There’s something magical to me about the way the perfect gear can help a performer display their personality, their gimmick, and yes, their body.

So now that I’ve had time to sort through seven hours of wrestling content, here are my ten favorite looks from WrestleMania, and a few others along the way.

First Of All, Shout Out To These Guys


While Matt Hardy winning was a good choice, this wasn’t a great year for the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Nobody got an entrance, it just started with them all in the ring. Until most of the competitors were eliminated, it just felt like a writhing undifferentiated mass of wrestling, which makes it more trouble than it’s worth to get a good look at the gear these guys are wearing. Still, I like Goldust’s sentimental polka dots, Tye Dillinger looked great, and I’m into the mask choices Sin Cara is making lately.

I have a few other runners up before we really get going. I actually really liked Miz’s “Vash the Stampede, but make it fashion” outfit, although I didn’t care for the glasses he wore with it. I also loved Dana Brook’s red and black gear, but it’s pretty similar to stuff she’s worn before. Carmella was also wearing an uncommonly great version of her usual look, and the more leopard the better, if you ask me. Finally, a shout out to Night’s King Seth Rollins. I don’t know that it worked at all, but it sure was a strong choice.