‘V. Day Rocks!’ And All The Other WWE Valentine’s Day Cards You Need

Last year, we showcased some wrestling-themed Valentine’s Day cards from the very talented Lindsey. I hoped that 2016 would bring a new batch of cards, and hooray, it has! Here’s Lindsey’s collection of Valentine’s cards for your special someone who’s the one in 21-1.

Ideal use: You call your Valentine “Tater Tot.”

Ideal use: You’ve ever thrown out your shoulder while “dancing” with your Valentine.

Ideal use: You’ve almost found your perfect partner.

Ideal use: You’ve found your perfect partner.

Ideal use: You’re a rebound for your Valentine.

Ideal use: You get up to some creepy mask stuff with your Valentine.

Ideal use: Your Valentine enjoys walks under the full moon.

Ideal use: Your Valentine is your former best friend, who screwed you over (and not in the good way).

Ideal use: You and your Valentine are a perfect, harmonious unit. Also, there’s a lot of tromboning.

Ideal use: Oh, honey, no. Poor baby.

You can check out the rest of Lindsey’s first batch of Valentine’s here, and hopefully, if we’re all very good Valentine’s Day boys and girls, we’ll get another batch before the 14th. If we’re even luckier, maybe we can also get some Lucha Underground cards. Again, many thanks to Lindsey for these.