A Former WWE Creative Writer Finally Explained How Hornswoggle Became The Anonymous Raw GM

05.13.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

Hey, remember the Anonymous Raw General Manager? As much as we’d all like to forget that annoying beeping sound and Michael Cole asking us to give him our attention, the anonymous GM was a pretty big storyline when it was around in 2010 and 2011.

People speculated for literally two full years about who was behind those emails before it was revealed to be recently released WWE superstar Hornswoggle because sometimes wrestling is the worst.

Former WWE writer Kevin Eck recently wrote a blog post about the angle and finally gave some clarity on how the whole thing came about. As Eck tells it, Hornswoggle was not always the plan for the anonymous GM (shocking, I know). In fact, no one had any idea who the GM was going to be. Eck pitched Kevin Nash, but that didn’t stick, and neither did another writer’s suggestion of it being Shawn Michaels, as all of those ideas were turned away by Vince McMahon.

“As it turned out, the anonymous Raw GM story line was dropped without a conclusion the month before I started working for WWE. To my knowledge, there never was a firm plan regarding the identity of the GM. Every now and then during my first several months on the job, someone on the creative team would pitch an idea to tie up the loose end and reveal who the anonymous Raw GM was. I recall that one suggestion was for it to be Shawn Michaels. Whenever we presented one of those ideas to Vince McMahon, he would always shoot them down and say that the audience had moved on and didn’t really care anymore who the anonymous Raw GM was.”

As for how it became Hornswoggle? It started as a joke in the writers room and eventually turned into Hornswoggle portraying a new character called Lou Manfredini, speaking in an old-timey accent, and calling women “dames.” Wait, what?

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