Zack Ryder’s Injury Could Keep Him Out Of WWE For Up To Nine Months

Upon the ancient tablets, it is written: “Emma may ye have, or Zack Ryder, but never both at once.” Yes, just as “Emmalina” or whatever is set to come back (allegedly) from her extremely long hiatus following her unfortunate injury, her real-life significant other, Zack Ryder, went down with an injury of his own — one that came at the worst possible time for him, and ended up requiring knee surgery.

Now the news is even worse, because Ryder will be out of action for a bare minimum of four months, and his recovery timeline could take as long as nine months.

It’s pretty safe to say that WWE won’t hold onto the Hype Bros’ No. 1 contendership for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship for four to nine months. That’s a hell of a rough ending to 2016, especially considering that back in April, Ryder finally got his first real WrestleMania moment, winning the Intercontinental Championship ladder match.

Mojo Rawley is now a Hype without a Bro, although Ryder has a suggestion for who his partner can tag with while he’s on the shelf.

Once an interchangeable Edgehead, always an interchangeable Edgehead, I suppose. Although I can definitely get behind it, because “Hype Hawks” absolutely sounds like the name of a 1990s cartoon featuring anthropomorphic extreme sports hawks. It probably came on after Gargoyles.